China Implements New Manifest Requirements

China Implements New Manifest Requirements

On June 1, 2018, the General Administration of Customs of the People Republic of China (GACC) announced there will be additional information required on all inbound and outbound shipments by air or ocean. The new information required includes Canadian Business Numbers and phone numbers on the bill of lading or master airway bill.

GACC Announcement No. 56 (2017)

The announcement was made in 2017 by the GACC and provided airlines and freight forwarders with sixth months notice to prepare for the implemented changes. The GACC first updated their systems on May 22, 2018, and the full implementation took place on schedule, June 1, 2018.

China Customs Advanced Manifest

If you are a Canadian importer and you wanted your air or ocean import or export to go smoothly, it is recommended you extract all of the information you will need when you make your purchase order. This way you will have all of the information required to comply with China Customs Advanced Manifest (CCAM) for your import or export with China. The information you will need to collect includes; the company name, the company’s code, your contact’s name and phone number, the country code and the notify party if the Bill of Lading is To Order.

How It Affects Canadian Businesses

If you are a Canadian Business you will use your Business Number (BN) as the required company code, enterprise number or organization code. It is important to note, everyone who is importing or exporting by air or ocean with China will need to provide all of this additional information required for the CCAM.

Some Require Freight Forwarder Information

In addition to the shipper and consignee information required for the CCAM, some agents in China are also requesting additional information for the freight forwarder. It is better for you to be safe rather than sorry, therefore it is recommended you provide your freight forwarders business number on all of your master airway bills and bills of lading to ensure all of your imports or exports with China go smoothly.

If You Need Assistance

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