CERS Export Report | Everything You Need To Know

CERS Export Report | Everything You Need To Know

If you are exporting regulated goods out of Canada, you may already be aware of the requirements to report those exits to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Statistics Canada on an Export Declaration. Come September 30th, 2020, the system in which you report is being replaced by the Canada Export Reporting System (CERS). Keep reading to learn more about this change.

Whether you report your export declarations directly to Customs yourself or if you use a service provider such as a logistics or freight management company, it’s helpful to understand the changes that are taking place.

Previously, regulated exports needed to be declared to Customs and Statistics Canada on a B13A manual form or through the Canadian Automated Export Declaration (CAED). This will no longer be accepted come October 1st, 2020. Instead, exporters, or their service providers, must only report to CBSA through their CERS.

What Are The Differences Between CAED And CERS?

Some of the main differences between CAED and CERS are:

  • CAED declarations were reported to CBSA and Statistics Canada, whereas with CERS, reporting only goes to CBSA.
  • Instead of printing a copy of the CAED declaration, a CERS will need to be printed and given to Customs for review and approval (stamping) prior to export.
  • Monthly summary reporting (SRP) is available through CERS.
  • There are changes to the Proof of Report number.
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What Exports Require A Declaration?

If exports meet one or any of the following criteria, you will be required to submit an export declaration:

  • Commercial goods valued over $2000 CAD, destined for a country outside of the U.S. (including the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico)
  • Commercial goods of any value that are regulated or prohibited commodities, destined for a country outside of the U.S. (including the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico)

Export declarations must be made prior to exporting these goods from Canada.

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How Do I Get A CERS Account?

Exporters, or their service providers, who have previously exported will have received a notice from CBSA with instructions on how and when to activate your CERS account. The CBSA has created a quick reference guide that you can use for additional information on this process.
New exporters will need to apply for a CERS Export Authority Report number (which can take up to 5 - 10 business days at the time of this publication). Visit the CERS Portal for more information or contact us to obtain one for you.

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