CBSA Set To Deploy ACI eManifest Technology For Freight Forwarders

CBSA Set To Deploy ACI eManifest Technology For Freight Forwarders

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) recently issued the following statement regarding their upcoming June deployment of ACI eManifest technology that will allow freight forwarders to transmit advance house bill data. Other enhancements are also part of this June release and are detailed below.

TSU13-014 - Upcoming eManifest System Changes

On June 9, 2013, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will deploy electronic systems functionality that will enable freight forwarders to transmit advance house bill data on commercial goods destined for Canada.

Also included in this deployment package, the CBSA is introducing:

  • new notices that will help to better inform clients of the level of completeness of their transmitted data. The new "Matched" and "Not Matched" notices will apply to house bill, close message, release, and highway and rail cargo data. Additional completeness notices will be introduced in future systems deployments.
  • a Manifest Forward feature for house bill data. Through this functionality, clients will be able to share house bill data with their trade chain partners who are also registered with the CBSA to receive electronic notices. Future CBSA electronic systems will expand the Manifest Forward feature to other data and other trade chain partners.

Clients must register and test with the CBSA's Technical Support Unit (TSU) to receive these notices.

Please find below the template for an e-mail that CBSA requires from the carrier to add new eManifest notices to the carrier's EDI profile. The e-mail template must be sent by the carrier as the CBSA requires direct authorization from the carrier to process the request.


Carriers who engage a service provider using a generic profile will need to contact their service provider to ensure their request to receive the notices can be processed by the service provider. Once the CBSA adds the notices to the generic profile, all the clients using that generic profile will be able to request receipt of notices through their service provider. If clients would like to test the message, please contact the TSU.

Please also refer to Bulletin TSU13-003 regarding the changes to the ANSI 824 outbound messages that will also come into effect with the June 9, 2013, systems deployment.

For more information on eManifest, please visit Commercial importing reporting requirements.

If you have any questions about ACI eManifest, please contact our Border Pro eManifest Team at 855.542.6644  or via email at

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Email Template to Add New eManifest Notices to Carrier Profile
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