CBSA Issuing ACI eManifest Report Cards To Carriers

CBSA Issuing ACI eManifest Report Cards To Carriers

Highway carriers who are registered participants in the ACI eManifest program, may have their performance graded by the Canada Border Services Agency.

Now that we are well into the informed compliance period, many carriers have been receiving "report cards" from CBSA. This compliance monitoring is designed to advise carriers if they are filing accurately and in a timely manner. It also provides carriers with steps that they can take to deal with non-compliance.

ACI eManifest Informed Compliance Period Extended

ACI eManifest Compliance Report Card Data:

The report card will detail the time frame for which the monitoring took place, the number of conveyance and cargo reports reviewed, as well as the number of data elements that were looked at. It will then go on to advise how many errors were found and state the overall percentage rate of errors. Lastly, it will address the punctuality of filing and assess an overall error rate for timeliness. All of this data will be contained in a "Summary of Findings".

How The Program Works:

CBSA is contacting random carriers via email in order to provide them with a password that will allow them to view the encrypted report cards. If the carrier does not respond to the initial email within five days, CBSA may follow up with a phone call or fax. If the carrier still fails to respond, CBSA will send a No-Password Letter with the Report Card. If CBSA does not receive a password from the carrier, report cards cannot be viewed.

Benefits To Highway Carriers:

The feedback provided in these report cards can give carriers valuable information with respect to their ACI eManifest filing practices and, if used as intended, can assist carriers in becoming fully compliant prior to the deadline for mandatory participation when it is expected that AMPS penalties will be assessed for ACI emanifest related infractions.

Carriers that have still not registered for the ACI eManifest program are being strongly encouraged to get this process started ASAP as the fall, 2013 deadline is fast approaching.

If you have any questions about ACI eManifest, how to register or  how it will affect your business, please contact our Border Pro eManifest Team at 855.542.6644  or via email at We also welcome your questions regarding ACI eManifest and its implementation in our comments section below.

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