Lottery Fraud Warning

It has come to the attention of PCB Freight Management Ltd. that parties known as "Steven Tottenham" and "Barrister Graham Murray" are illegally using PCB Freight Management Ltd.'s trade name and website to defraud the public. The scheme involves the parties above requesting your personal information in exchange for a "refund" or "government documents". The correspondence, generally email, requests the party to forward funds to a non-existent law firm in order to claim the proceeds. Please be advised that this is fraudulent, and PCB Freight Management Ltd. has no involvement with this scheme.

We have filed a formal complaint with the appropriate authorities and have notified the RCMP and the FBI-Internet Crimes Division.

If you are contacted by these fraudsters, please visit to report the crime or contact your local law enforcement agency.

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Last updated: September 1, 2016

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Importing Goods From China Opportunities And Considerations

China is known as the world's largest exporter of manufactured consumer products. Many commercial entrepreneurs import consumer products from China benefiting from lower prices. Global Affairs Canada reports that “China is Canada’s second most important bilateral commercial partner.” (Source) The US is number 1. If you are considering importing products from China, take the time to research the import and manufacturing process before you commit. Here are some considerations.

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Whether you are a first time importer, or a well-seasoned company, the current shipping crisis has started a cascade effect in escalating costs. These extra fees are being absorbed throughout the supply chain, but the mode feeling the heaviest burden is Ocean Transportation. Traditionally, ocean transport and shipping lines are the most dependable, cost effective means of moving large quantities of goods throughout the world. The rise of economies in Asia has been built on manufacturing and delivering goods for an insatiable North American market. The shipping lines and supply chains already under strain due to volume and lack of infrastructure capable of handling the rising demand have started to buckle under the extra weight of a global pandemic (not to mention certain boats getting stuck in certain canals). This has caused stakeholders from steamship lines, logistics companies, and carriers to significantly raise rates and to create new auxiliary charges. The party responsible for those additional transport costs depends entirely on the Incoterm® that were decided upon at time of creating the purchase order.

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